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Suba Sankaran

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hosted by Dylan Bell

and Suba Sankaran.

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SING! A Cappella showcases some of the best in Canadian a cappella, from solo looping artists to large choirs, in many styles, including jazz, world, pop, choral, barbershop, gospel, classical, and more. SING! The Toronto Vocal Arts Festival is Canada's premier a cappella festival bringing together thousands of professional singers (Canadian and International). Uniting students, teachers, and audience members to illustrate that the voice knows no constraints of genre, language or cultural background.

SING! Radio Program #28 • Holiday Concerts


1. Dust, Dust and Ashes by the Nathaniel Dett Chorale

2. In A Manger by Hampton Avenue

3. I Can’t Go For That by Retrocity

4. Stardust by The Ault Sisters

5. Winter Wonderland (Live on-air) by FreePlay




all songs performed by Cadence


1. Silent Night (underscore)

2. Cool Yule

3. Mushaboom

4. Lucretia McEvil

5. Carol of the Bells (underscore)

6. River




all songs performed by Hampton Avenue


1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

3. Caribbean Christmas

4. Glory Hallelujah



SING! Radio Program #25 • COLLEGIATE CORNER - FALL 2019

1. Fate by TunesBeatsAwesome

2. You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To by Onoscatopoeia

3. Toxic by Surround Sound

4. Redemption Song by Effusion

5. Seven Day Fool by Onoscatopoeia



SING! Radio Program #24 • Change of The Seasons

1. Here’s That Rainy Day by Hampton Avenue

2. Night-Scented Stock/Cloudbusting by Retrocity

3. Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald by Cadence

4. All In Love Is Fair by The Nylons

5. Old Friends/Invention by FreePlay



SING! Radio Program #23 • The French Connection


1. La Tribu De Dana by Qw4rtz

2. Belleville Rendezvous by Cadence

3. L’été 42 by The Swingles

4. Ma Mie (French traditional) by Musique A Bouche

5. Vincent by FreePlay


SING! Radio Program #22 • Spotlight on Supertonic

all songs performed by Supertronic


1. Parting Glass (Scottish traditional)

2. Let’s Fall In Love

3. Medley: All The Single Ladies / Girls Just Wanna Have Fun /

    Material Girl / I Will Always Love You

4. Celebration/Get The Party Started



SING! Radio Program #21 • SING! 2019 Review


1. On The 4th of July by The Swingles

2. Selections from Celebrate Nelson Mandela by Mzanzi

3. Oh, to Rest In The Shade by Turkwaz

4. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) by Retrocity

5. Everything by Cadence


SING! Radio Program #20: SING! Festival Highlights #3


1. You’re The Voice by Retrocity (with special guests The Swingles)

2. London Bells by Countermeasure

3. Bučimiš (Bulgarian traditional) by The Swingles feat.

   Trichy Sankaran

4. Evergreen by Beatsync

5. Taxman by FreePlay



SING! Radio Program #19: SING! Festival Highlights #2


1. Oh, to Rest In The Shade by Turkwaz

2. Sea Shanty Medley: Paddy’s Boots/Haul The Bowline/Bring ‘Em Down by Pressgang Mutiny

3. ICCA Set by WIBI

4. Show Some Love by Yonge Guns

5. Need You Tonight by Retrocity



SING Radio Program #18: SING! Festival Highlights #1


1. Selections from Celebrate Nelson Mandela by Mzanzi

2. Famous Blue Raincoat by The Watch

3. Hallelujah by FreePlay

4. Everything by Cadence



SING! Radio Program #17 • SlNG! Slaight Legacy Award Winners


1. Bring Him Home by Michael Burgess

2. The Mockingbird by Frank Busseri (on behalf of The Four Lads)

3. Gamelan by R. Murray Schafer

4. Down At The Fair by Sylvia Tyson with Quartette

5. Good Enough (To Love) by The Nylons

6. But Beautiful by Elaine Overholt

7. Lonesome, That’s All by Toronto Northern Lights Chorus

8. Everybody Sing by Debbie Fleming with Hampton Avenue



SING! Radio Program #16 • International Jazz Day

1. Big Band Medley by Hampton Avenue

2. Hit That Jive Jack by Cadence

3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by FreePlay

4. Both Sides, Now by The Swingles

5. (I’ve Got You) Under My Skin by Countermeasure


SING! Radio Program #15 • Live Looping


1. Sick by Jordan Talsky

2. Run by Jordan Talsky

3. Down By The Sea by Alissa Vox Raw

4. Englishman In New York by FreePlay


SING! Radio Program #14 • WIBI and TBA


1. ICCA Finals set by Wibi


2. ICCA Finals set by TBA

SING! Radio Program #13 • Tribute to Liziwe “Lizzy” Mahashe


  1. Siyaya Ejerusalema by Kokopelli

  2. Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika by Soul Influence

  3. Abide With Me by Nathaniel Dett Chorale

  4. Heaven Bound Train by Elektra Women’s Choir

  5. Celebrate by Liziwe “Lizzy” Mahashe

SING! Radio Program #12 • Collegiate Spotlight

  1. Happy by TBA. Tunes. Beats. Awesome.

  2. Rosanna by Wibi

  3. His Eye Is On The Sparrow by Oscat

  4. A Long Walk by Effusion A Cappella

SING! Radio Program #11 • Springtime!


  1.  Rockin’ Robin by FreePlay

  2. Sunshine by Cadence

  3. Here’s That Rainy Day by Hampton Avenue

  4. Come Again! Sweet Love Doth Now Invite by Voyces Past 

  5. Change The World by Wibi

SING! Radio Program #10 • International Women’s Day


  1. Okisikôwak by Asani

  2. Run by Jordana Talsky

  3. Ubi Caritas by the Canadian Chamber Choir

  4. Oh To Rest In The Shade by Turkwaz

  5. The Path by Alissa Vox Raw

SING! Radio Program #9 • Outside/In


  1. Canada (Moosebutter) by Moosebutter

  2. Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell) by The Idea of North

  3. Uninvited (Alanis Morissette) by Rock4

  4. Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell) by The Singers Unlimited

  5. Life Is A Highway (Tom Cochrane) by Home Free

  6. Woodstock (Joni Mitchell) by Vox One

SING! Radio Program #8 • SING! Sneak Peak


  1. Takin’ It Home by Countermeasure 

  2. Two Sisters by The Swingles 

  3. (You’re A) Strange Animal by Retrocity 

  4. Everything by Cadence 

  5. So Danço Samba by FreePlay 

SING! Radio Program #7 • Valentine's Day


  1. Don't Fix What's Broken by Cadence

  2. Show Some Love by Yonge Guns

  3. I Can't Go For That by Retrocity

  4. Come Back To Me by Wibi

  5. Home by Cadence

SING! Radio Program #6 • Black History Month


  1. Let Us Cheer The Weary Traveller by The Nathaniel Dett Chorale

  2. Ave Maria by The Nathaniel Dett Chorale

  3. O Holy Lord by The Nathaniel Dett Chorale

  4. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego by Cadence

  5. Nkosi Sikelel’iAfrika by Soul Influence

SING! Radio Program #5 • A Cappella Originals


  1. Please by The Nylons

  2. Baila by Hampton Avenue

  3. Vara Sapta Swara by FreePlay

  4. Life Is Fine by Countermeasure

  5. (Slhx̱í7lsh) by The Watcher On The Rock

SING! Radio Program #4


  1. Rise Up/At The Feet of The Moon by Retrocity

  2. Everything by Those Guys

  3. Behold, I Build A House by Kokopelli Choirs

  4. Heaven Bound Train by Elektra Woman’s Choir

  5. Seven Day Fool/Splish Splash by Oscat (Onoscatopoeia)

SING! Radio Program #3


  1. Mizmor l’David (Psalm 29) by Ruach Singers

  2. Munda-Zunde (The Field) by Soul Influence

  3. Baptism by Nathaniel Dett Chorale

  4. Guruli Alilo (Tradional Georgian) by Kavkasia

  5. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Cadence

SING! Radio Program #2

SING! TRIBUTE to Phil Mattson:

  1. True Colours by Cadence

  2. The Gathering by Hampton Avenue

  3. This Moment Now by Countermeasure

  4. Hallelujah by FreePlay

  5. Gone Too Soon by The Nylons

SING! Radio Program #1

  1. Bijou by Cadence

  2. I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Countermeasure

  3. Still Crazy After All These Years by Cadence

  4. One Night In Bangkok by Retrocity

  5. Mizmor l’David (Psalm 29) by Ruach Singers

  6. I Can’t Go For That by Retrocity